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PDF Something within each of us yearns to find meaning in our lives, and to discover the reason we are here in this time and place. The search for purpose is age-old, and it compels us to move forward, to learn and to grow. Lissa Coffey, well known for her inspiring blend of ancient wisdom and modern style, brings us Vedanta's Four Yogas, and explores how each one can help us to define our unique purpose. What's Your Dharma? guides us on a journey of self-discovery, and shows us how to create a lifestyle where we can express ourselves creatively and feel fulfilled. "Dharma" is a Sanskrit word meaning "purpose." We each come to feel at some point in our lives that there is something important for us to do, or learn, or experience. As we grow in awareness, we seek to know our dharma, to fulfill our purpose, to somehow have our lives make sense in the context of everything that is going on in the world. In Vedic philosophy, there are four yogas, or paths, that can lead us to our dharma: Bhakti Yoga is the path of love and devotion. Karma Yoga is the path of work, and service. Jnana Yoga is the path of knowledge. Raja Yoga is the path of meditation. Although we each have attributes within ourselves that lead us toward each of these paths, one path calls to us more profoundly. Start by taking the quiz to find your dharma, or purpose in life, and start living your life with meaning right now.

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