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PDF This book is fantastic. I picked it up with somebody else in mind, but began reading it so that I could get a good preview of it. I have been praying through Stormie's "Power of a Praying" books for years and I found that this book is excellent, as are the others, for both new believers and Christians who have known the Lord a long time. Think of it more as "Finding Wholeness" than "Finding Peace for your Heart." If you are journeying toward greater wholeness in any area of life, this is a worthwhile read, particularly for those who have come from a rough background. I am really, really benefitting from it. It's written humbly but wholistically. She shares from her journey and challenges the readers to truly, fully, completely worship God in every possible area of her life. Reading it is like having a godly older woman come alongside and be a truthful mentor who doesn't gloss over sin or our responsibility to flee from it. Yet the picture of wholeness she paints - that of truly walking joyfully and peacefully with the Lord our God - makes me thirst for more and more and more of the Lord.

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