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PDF This was a book club selection I was looking forward to because it was a mystery, a genre I enjoy and read a lot of.It was also an introduction to a new author.

The basis for the Predator’s plot is how dangerous the social internet can be when people post so much personal information on-line.This is especially true for young people, who think they’re communicating only with their friends, not thinking about the thousands and millions of people, who also have access to the details of their daily lives.

Not surprisingly, predators are out there and take advantage of all this specific information.The book’s plot covers stalkers, rapists, batterers, young people who die physically, others who die emotionally no longer leading the care free lives they used to live.Instead they live in fear and terror and their friends and family are also devastated and scarred.

It is also a story about faith, both firm and wavering, about new love, about what is really important in life, questioning, commitment, fear,courage and God.

Predator flowed well and was a quick read.Terri Blackstock addressed many social internet issues and highlighted the possibilities that people should be aware of.She created a plot that kept me interested and turning pages.Her writing definitely has a Christian slant.Many of the book’s characters were people of faith, quoted biblical passages, regularly attended church services and were committed to doing God’s work.There were also non-believers and never-believers in the book.In other words, you don’t have to be a Christian or have a religious faith of any kind to read and enjoy this book.

Predator was enjoyable and informative.Blackstock definitely kept my interest and I liked book’s message about the things that are really important in life.Predator was a good mystery, verging on being a thriller and a solid 3 star read.

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