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PDF In the early 1800s, land in Benton County was opened for settlers. Although the county began as a small farming community, it has grown and flourished since. With the Tennessee River extending along the entire eastern side of the county, and the Big Sandy River covering a section of the northwest side, Benton County has drawn settlers for generations. Music is very important to the people who live here, and various music festivals are held throughout the year to celebrate this popular cultural pastime. Ryan Holladay, a local Benton County musician, played banjo on the Grand Ole Opry at the age of five, becoming the youngest musician to perform there. In 1963, Benton County made headlines when famous country singer Patsy Cline was lost in a tragic plane crash in the area. While music is a large part of the culture, the county also features many outdoor activities, such as duck hunting, fishing, and camping. Today, Benton County continues to be a close-knit community that is very proud of its history.

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