Serena Schreiber - Finn's Car (Finn's Travels, #2). PDF

PDF From soccer field to race track, from video games to driver’s seat, from Palm Beach to Monte Carlo, Finn competes to win—the race, the fame and the girl.

Like most teenagers, Finn doesn't always feel like a winner. He fails his driving test. He fails to impress the pretty girl in engineering class, Parminder. Finn and best friend Burrito play for a so-so soccer team but Finn wants to shine.

His shot at victory arrives when his teacher announces, “Our semester project will be to take a gas powered kart and combine it with an electric motor to build the fastest possible, fuel efficient, hybrid go-kart in the world.”

Burning rubber at 60 mph is the thrill of a lifetime. Parminder shares the need for speed and both join the hybrid karting team. Perfecting the design and building the kart take months of work. When the German and Japanese teams arrive for the Palm Beach Grand Prix, the local team must be ready to roll.

Finn and his team are invited to race at the Karting Monaco Grand Prix. The pressure to compete at the international event is intense. While the teams are plagued by sabotage, Finn gets recruited into corporate espionage. He must ask himself, how far will he go to win?

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