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PDF Where to begin...?Although I did finish this book (and I finish very few that are this annoying), it probably would've gone back to the library if I hadn't been on a road trip.

Parts of it (setting, plot) were well done. but the characters were cheap Dell Books cutouts.The best character is the protagonist, penniless billionaire Indian lawyer-photographer-forensics expert Hom-Astubby. The adjectives in front of his name should give you an idea why these fictitious folk are so preposterously annoying. O yes, and he drives around in a two mpg custom-made million-dollar pimp-RV.His paleface lover, Avalanche O'Neill, is also ridiculous, an Irish -born unspeakably sexy and brilliant journalist-lawyer-dog breeder.

Give me a break.I doubt I need to mention any more of the utterly gross absurdity plaguing this male adolescent fantasy.

Maybe all this hyperbolic rubbish is supposed to be funny. It isn't. The book was a terrible disappointment. Compared to the stories of Louise Erdrich and Paula Gunn Allen, this is a Silk Black Handkerchief blowout.

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