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PDF More timely and necessary than ever in the wake of recent calamities like Hurricane Katrina and the Republican war against the environment, The Lost Gospel of the Earth is legendary activist Tom Hayden’s eco-spiritual call for revamping traditional religious doctrine to reflect a greater environmental consciousness, which he believes is the only way to save the planet from catastrophe. Drawing upon the historical seeds of the major world religions—Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, as well as Native American traditions—Hayden shows how only an enlightened partnership between religion, politics and the natural world can reverse the environmental disaster we have heaped upon the planet and lead to a rediscovery of the lost gospel of the earth.

This all-new edition of The Lost Gospel of the Earth has been completely revised and updated to reflect the major developments of the past decade.

Praise for the original edition of The Lost Gospel of the Earth

“... a lucid analysis of how the errant path we have taken [has] led us to a state of fundamental alienation from the elemental world.”—San Francisco Chronicle

“... beautifully argued and well-written...”—Publishers Weekly

“... provocative, well-researched, and well-argued...”—Library Journal

“Such a book is urgently needed. Tom Hayden is precisely the person to do it.”—Thomas Berry

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