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PDF This book is for older children (my 4-year-old hated it and didn't want to go past letter D but my 8-year-old thought it was okay).

Each page has a little rhyme to go with the letter but it also has a sidebar that gives more information about the topic for that letter.For example, letter B is for bees and says,
"Busy Bees, that what we are—
Our symbol is the hive.
From mining to technology,
this helps our state survive."

The sidebar says, "The state insect is the honeybee.On the flag, bees buzz around a yellow hive.An early name for the state was "Deseret," which meant honeybee.Utah's nickname is the "Beehive State."The state motto is "industry" which means hard work.In 1847 Mormon pioneer settled in Salt Lake City in an attempt to find religious freedom.They had to be resourceful and industrious in order to survive in the harsh desert.They grew their own food, produced as much as they could for themselves, and mined the nearby hills.They tried to be self-sufficient and at one point, they even wanted to be a separate country.Found on the state seal and the flag, it makes sense that "industry" was chosen in 1959 as Utah's motto."

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