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PDF Haig is back with his latest bestseller, in which he straddles the line between criminal and corporate law. Main character Major Sean Drummond in front and centre, sarcasm still dripping from his every pore and ready to tackle a new assignment, no matter what is tossed his way. While the story shifts away from the military battlefields and into the boardroom, the story still pushes forward as an apparent minor storyline, a killer on the loose, begins to gain momentum. One of the victims is close to Sean, bringing him into the investigation with both barrels blazing. What lies behind each and every corner when the killer discovers Drummond is looking for him and how will the JAG lawyer piece things together while stuck inside a corporate law firm? There is the same old John Corey-esque nature to the character, leading me to keep wondering if Nelson DeMillie picked up another nom du plume.

Haig experiments in a few ways with this novel: type of law, role for Drummond, and dual-narration (first person for Drummond chapters and third for the killer). Many of these experiments work out really well, though it is sometimes hard to keep track of who we are dealing with when it comes to the narration (perhaps a downside to a single audiobook narrator). The attention to detail, dialogue, and flow of the book kept it as exciting as any of Haig’s previous books, by far. While Drummond is used to investigating, his sleuthing abilities become all the more important, as he is not looking for legal loopholes, but plain clues. Looking at things away from the military angle was refreshing, though I do miss some of the minor regular characters, just a little.

Kudos Mr. Haig for another great book. Bring on the next one!

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