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PDF Full-figured best-selling Romance novelist Meghan Mason slips into the center of a twisted plot of misunderstanding, deception, and danger herself when, on a coincidence-driven impulse, she buys and renovates a derelict house, Fiddler’s Rest, on the Beaufort River overlooking a picturesque town in South Carolina. Here she gradually falls under the spell of her handsome contractor, William Hamilton, beset by his own secrets and personal interest in Fiddler’s Rest. Meghan’s uncertainties about Hamilton’s intentions and a shocking revelation ultimately propel Meghan into a precipitous marriage to an older man, the dapper and sophisticated literary agent Donald Drake. When Drake’s grown son, Ted, appears on the doorstep of Fiddler’s Rest, the Drake household sinks into a gripping tension coming to a squall point at the mouth of the Beaufort River in a decrepit sailboat, dragging Meghan into the grip of the latest in a series of tragic coincidences that may not be all that coincidental.

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