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PDF I enjoyed this but thought it lacked menace. The concept, back in 1993 would have seemed revolutionary and alien. These days, the technology we have is still light years away from the type of events described here but it feels more possible and yet totally dated all at the same time.

Of all the Peter James early 90's books this is the one that has least stood the test of the passing years, most likely because it relies upon technology that advances faster than we can keep up with. Who hasn't bought some new technology for a newer mark to be released, seemingly minutes later (yes Apple, I'm talking about YOU!) All the discussions of plugging Internet modems into walls and trailing wires, well it just makes the story seem even less plausible than it already is.

It's a good engaging read, but its transparent and obvious. From the opening chapter you know who the bad guy will be so don't read it if you like surprises as there aren't many. This also lacks the imaginative deaths of other James novels so doesn't grip in that respect. I wasn't tensed waiting for the next horrific outcome like in other examples of his work.

This dabble with a technological demon just didn't cut it for me.


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