Jane Langton - The Transcendental Murder (Homer Kelly, #1). PDF

PDF This was one of the first mystery series I discovered—and fell in love with—when I first started as a librarian. What a treat to rediscover it now in audio. Perhaps because they're so rich in literary references (or art, history, music in some of the later series titles), they don't seem to date as much as those that rely on technology. These are cozy mysteries with tech and violence both at a low level—but they have the timeless draw of interesting characters, complex puzzles, and intriguing frames. Not to mention clever dialog and lots of sly humor. Here Homer and Mary meet and court—and that seems a little dated but it was originally written in 1964 so I'll let it pass. It's set in Concord and explores its history—particularly the 1775 battle on April 19—and the history and lives of the Transcendentalists. Intriguing details of those famous figures fill the book, and lovely quotations from Thoreau, Emerson, Hawthorne, and Emily Dickinson head the chapters.

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