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PDF Pg 61: There are two types of drilling; percussion type and rotary.
Pg 202: Pure Cycle Corporation, Golden CO 80403 has a closed-circuit water system that recycles 1,500 gallon goes through five states of purification.Good point: there is .7% loss per cycle but others bring liquids in. Sound expensive but so could a composting toilet and cisern. Could they be worked into a dual system?
Pg. 211 Quotes "Water" by Fred Powledge, written in 1982; that there would be 1/3 less arable soil in 20 years. He is right about people leaving the southwest but it's due to this generation of retirees.
Pg 214: When are the cycles? eruptions, 11 year sunspot cycle or "grand junction" allignment of our moon with that of Jupiter and Saturn. This needs more study.
Pg 215: Good idea divert water from the Missouri River to the dwindling Ogallala Aquifer.
Pg 219: Lifeboats have solar powered stills. Spiegel catalog has an electric distiller for $249.
Pg 222: The CSA with border on Canada could work a project.
Pg 44: A fish pond could save water and provide fish.
P 83: Play on words two type of water pumps; centrifugal and regenerative.
Pg 98: Condiser a cistern for a new house not wise for a retrofit.How about a roof pool with a catchment above.
2/3 to 3/4 of annual rainfall can be caught at the rate of 42 gal. per sq' of catchment surface.
Pg 109: Could closed wells be our future good mines? How coul legal rights be maintained or gained.Ololmon"s method of farming may take over these areas.Just natural rain spread out and no water pressure, also use greywater.
Pg 129: 3 drops of gasoline in a tub of water is unfit to consume.
Pg 132: Ray could come up with reverse osmosis "people". Heat the inlet with solar.
Pt 189: Here is an 19 unit water coop.
Pg 190 Boston is said to leak 2 gallon of water for each gallon delivered. That is why they turn the water off in Addis Aba for long period of the day and each section can fill up there reservor for the day. Smart.

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