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PDF All Alan wants is a little escape from his daily life as a house husband and father, and his favorite mystery novels provide it. But after a vicious showdown over the books with his strident and controlling wife, his headlong flight takes him into the path of an oncoming car. But it's not Alan who wakes up in the hospital—it's Terrence Whitehead: Man of Mystery, a drifter who makes his way by taking advantage of the kindness of others.

His escape takes him from Los Angeles to New York with the help of a handsome meal ticket, Jared. Terrence and Jared’s deal to exchange sex for transport moves them along from the tables in Vegas to relaxing spas and fancy hotels, and while Jared finds himself falling in love, Terrence knows somehow that it has to end... and when it does, who will survive the clash of his two worlds? The brave, outgoing Terrence? Or quiet, withdrawn Alan?

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