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PDF I stopped reading and buying the regular Hellblazer comicas with issue 133, the Son of Man storyarc.
Reading theses stories on a monthly basis didn't have all that hold and the interest just sort of faded.

I've recently started buying the trades of the stories that follw and reading them that way.

The stories are much better when being read as a whole.

In Hellbazer: Freezes Over, you've got 3 short stories. All 3 are so full of plot-holes that you could probably fit a VW Bug right thru em. But, ya know what? When it comes to Con-John story, plot holes work. It gives the bugger an air of mystery that would dissapear if the story was told forthright.

So yeah, I'll be keeping me eyes open for some of Constantine's stories which I missed when I stopped reading the regular comics.

Like a wise man once said... whenever I have money to spend, I buy books (and comic trades), if I have any left over, I buy food and clothes and pay the mortgage and crap.

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