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PDF This special collection includes all of Gord Rollo's novella-length works to date. Inside you'll find Crowley's Window, The Dark Side of Heaven, and his most violent, shocking story yet, Peeler.

Crowley's Window:
Abby Hawkins was never normal. Born with a birth cowl—a rare birth defect thought to predict psychic abilities—she is haunted by horrible visions. Shortly after her 13th birthday, Abby's parents call in the mysterious Crowley to help their daughter. His interventions rid her of the visions...and her eyes.

Now a beautiful young lady, Abby Hawkins works as a blind fortune teller in a traveling Carnival. When she receives a powerful vision—one depicting the abduction of a little girl—she becomes the sole witness to the crime. Only a young police officer believes her bizarre story, and with his help she embarks upon an investigation that will ultimately reunite her with the madman from her past and bring her to the hellish threshold of Crowley's Window.

The Dark Side of Heaven:
War can do terrible things to the hearts and minds of even the best of men, but for U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Tyrone Banks the senseless deaths and unnecessary violence in Vietnam have beaten him down and smothered the compassion and good that was once inside of him. Grief stricken and suicidal; the extreme guilt over the awful things he’s done pushes the young Marine beyond his breaking point until death feels like his only remaining option.

Rather than eating a bullet, Tyrone volunteers for Tunnel Rat duty hoping to finally find release but instead of his carefully planned honorable death, what the Marine finds down in the dark is a backdoor to Purgatory, a secret entrance into the afterlife where he’ll get one last chance to right all the terrible wrongs that constantly haunt him. It won’t be easy, though. Nothing worthwhile ever is. If Tyrone thought the things lurking in the jungle of Vietnam were bad, what’s waiting for him on the dark side of Heaven is worse.

Much, much worse…

Randy Baxter is an aspiring chef who dreams of better days ahead. He's come to work as part of the kitchen staff at Ashbury Creek Asylum, a federally funded institution for the criminally insane. Randy's not crazy but he does harbor a past filled with psychological issues including the need to cut himself to make the memories of his abusive childhood go away. When he learns about the man they call Peeler, a long term resident at Ashbury who has a severe problem with self-mutilation, all of Randy's anxieties start to rise to the surface again.

Determined to overcome his inner demons once and for all, he manipulates a face to face meeting with Peeler but as with all things, there's a price to pay. To see one of the most violent, disturbed men ever to be imprisoned in the maximum security asylum Randy must bring Peeler a small gift. Something no one in their right mind would even think of giving him.

A shiny new razor blade...

If you haven't read Gord Rollo yet, this is the perfect opportunity for you to find out what you've been missing!

"Gord Rollo is a horror master that is flying under the radar. I give [Rollo] credit once again for bringing us into another nightmare and taking us on one hell of a wild ride." — Horror Bob (Horror Review)

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