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PDF WOW!!This book was everything drama.....I was not disappointed at all!!There were so many times in the book were I had my "Florida Evans moments".....DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!My emotions were so up and down.....the characters, the storyline.....amazing!Go 'head on wit yo bad self, Carl Weber!!

I have to add.....this book is good enough to be read as a stand alone, but to really get a good impression of the characters and all that they have encountered up to the point, you must start the church series from the beginning.I like that Mr. Weber will often times bring back characters from one of his books, just by merely mentioning their names in the room or something....then I will think back and be like...."oh yeah, that's so and so who did that thing!" There are five books altogether, with this being the 5th.I'm praying for a 6th!

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