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PDF A kid born of Death Camp survivors in a Displaced Persons (DP) camp in Germany, moves to New Jersey and becomes not only a Yankees fan, but a high school baseball All-Star. In college, after he leads his Freshman team in all categories, his father dies; he takes over the family, putting himself through Law School.
Fast Forward a decade or so: Joe - the Attorney - forgets to read the 'fine print' that says about the newly minted [with John Henry as owner] West Palm Beach Tropics Senior Professional Baseball League team, "... only former major leaguers over thirty-five show up."
Joe shows, stars, plays - to the Championship, with Dick Williams as Manager, and as team mates Rollie Fingers, Dave Kingman, Ron Washington, Mickey Rivers, Toby Harrah, Lee Lacy, Pete Broberg, Albery Pujols ... and Joe.

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